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What is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence has recently become a trending topic, and many people are wondering, "Is AI here to stay?" AI has many worrying about the security of their jobs and lives, but despite the many uncertainties, artificial intelligence is here to stay…


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What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Most people use the phrase "artificial intelligence," but they don’t exactly know what defines artificial intelligence. Does a calculator count as "artificial intelligence", or does it have to be something more complex? It’s a very broad term, so it’s important to define what is considered to be artificial intelligence. There are several ways to define it, but for this story, we’ll use this definition…

Artificial intelligence is the ability of technology to mimic human cognitive functions, such as analyzing data, creating art, or problem-solving

This definition is in line with the general understanding of what AI means. According to this definition, we’ve been living with AI for a while now. From simple things like calculators to more recent technology like the Amazon Alexa, artificial intelligence has already become a part of daily life.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

How is artificial intelligence different from machine learning? Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence; put simply, it’s AI specifically trained to learn and adapt based on data. It’s one of the most common ways people interact with data every day. Video and music recommendations on Youtube and Spotify, or calculating the fastest route on Google Maps, are common examples of everyday machine learning.

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Why Has Artificial Intelligence Become A Trending Topic?

Artificial intelligence started to become popular between late 2022 and early 2023. When Chat GPT launched in November 2022, it opened the gates for a future full of possibilities. It took Instagram two and a half years to reach 100 million users. It took TikTok nine months to reach 100 million users. It only took two months for Chat GPT to reach 100 million users.

The launch of Chat GPT and the obsession that the public began to have with AI encouraged companies to begin publicly launching their own AI features. For example, Snapchat released its own AI chatbot for users to chat with.

snapchat's new artificial intelligence chatbot

2023 has been a year of big leaps for artificial intelligence, and many people are worried and questioning if this is really the best for society…

5 Ways AI is Impacting The World

The world is rapidly changing, and artificial intelligence is a big cause of that. So how is artificial intelligence impacting our world?

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Be Behind Exponential Economic Growth

  • Artificial Intelligence is Making Banking Safer and Smoother

  • Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Generate More Creativity

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Integrated into Everyday Life

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Behind Exponential Economic Growth

It’s no big secret: artificial intelligence is here to stay, and businesses are taking notice. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts AI will generate a potential of $13 trillion by 2030. AI is being used to innovate and is being integrated into more business operations…

2. Artificial Intelligence is Making Banking Safer and Smoother

One way artificial intelligence is changing the way things are done is how it’s affected the banking industry. AI has been integrated with banking systems to assess risk and detect fraud. Business Insider reports that 56% of banks have already implemented risk assessment features, with many more integrations likely in the future.

It’s also been employed by banks to provide a helpful 24/7 chatbot experience for customers with questions…

3. Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is also changing healthcare by helping with patient diagnosis and drug development. The potential for AI in healthcare is one of the most exciting developments happening right now. For example, AI is beginning to be used to take a patient's symptoms and give an accurate diagnosis.

new artificial intelligence technology in healthcare photo

Even more impactful is how AI is being used in drug development. It takes hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to research and develop a beneficial medical drug. Not to mention the boatloads of money needed to fund that kind of production. Companies are starting to realize the potential of artificial intelligence in aiding their research, especially because it could be used to cut costs and shorten the time it takes to develop a potentially life-saving drug…

4. Artificial Intelligence Will Generate More Creativity

Artificial intelligence has worried many artists over its ability to generate images. It’s a very divisive topic, but in the coming years, AI will probably be used to replace laborious or repetitive tasks

artificial intelligence in photoshop example

Instead of painstakingly attempting to isolate a subject of a photo from the background or trying to tweak a fire simulation to make it perfect for an animation, AI will make the process a simple click away. Artificial intelligence will make it easier to focus on the creative process instead of getting bogged down in how to get the tools at your disposal to work right…

photo of a father and son looking at an artificial intelligence samsung smart fridge

5. Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Integrated into Everyday Life

Artificial intelligence is no doubt part of our future. Many people are worried that AI will become sentient and take over humanity, but AI will probably not become a part of our lives in a noticeable way. AI has already been integrated in small ways, like the Amazon Alexa and Youtube video recommendations, and will no doubt be integrated in a similar way in the future.


The worry that artificial intelligence will overtake some people’s jobs is definitely an issue. However, history has shown a more positive outcome. From the Industrial Revolution and the rise of machines to the creation of the computer, technology has always replaced somebody’s job but created many more in the process.

The computer replaced a lot of jobs but created jobs for programmers, VFX artists, product designers, and journalists. AI has the same potential. AI will likely replace repetitive and laborious jobs that take humans hours to accomplish but create more jobs for people.

Who knows the potential for artificial intelligence in the coming years?



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