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Everything About Australia | Basic Info, History, and Fun Facts

a photo of Uluru Australia

The country that started as a prison colony for thieves, rebels, and murderers is now a prominent country we all know for its dangerous animals and its iconic opera house. Sitting near the bottom of the globe, Australia is a country filled with unique animals, a unique culture, and unique people.


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Basic Info

What is The Capital of Australia?

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

What is The Population of Australia?

Population: (As of 2022): 25,890,773 people

How Big is Australia?

Landmass: 2,968,464 sq. mi., 7,688,287 sq. km.

What is The Main Language of Australia?


Who is The Current Leader of Australia?

PM Anthony Albanese (Nov. 2022)

What is The National Animal of Australia?

The Kangaroo!


Flag Breakdown

the australian flag

The Australian flag was made in 1901, when the first Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Edmund Barton, announced an international flag design competition for Australia. In the end, over 30,000 submissions were made, but surprisingly, five of the entries looked almost identical.

The 5 winners shared the £200 prize, which is $30,000 in today’s money, and the 5 similar designs were combined to create the Australian flag. And that’s how Australia’s flag was born.

So what does it actually represent?

So why does Australia's flag have that design? In the top left corner is the Union Jack, the British flag, symbolizing Australia’s past as part of the British Empire.

Below the Union Jack is the Commonwealth Star. Each of its points symbolizes a state of Australia, with a seventh point representing Australia’s territories.

On the right is the Southern Cross. It’s a constellation that can be seen from anywhere in Australia and symbolizes Australia’s location "Down Under".

Some Australians want a new flag design...

The Australian Flag was never voted on by the people. The 1901 competition was for the government flag and had to be approved by the British Government. So people are suggesting it’s time for the people to pick a flag. Here are 5 of the possible replacements: