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What's The Longest Golf Course in The World? Australia's Nullarbor Links

a photo of a beautiful golf course

Imagine a golf course. Most likely, you would see a peaceful field with luscious grass. That’s probably what you’d expect from most golf courses, but that’s not at all what the longest golf course in the world is like.

Stretching 848 miles (1,365 km) across southern Australia, Nullarbor Links is known as the longest golf course in the world. So why does a golf course span hundreds of miles, two states, and two time zones? Here’s the story behind Nullarbor Links: The World's Longest Golf Course...

Where is Nullarbor Links?

a photo of the nullarbor links

The story of Nullarbor Links should start where it is, on the Nullarbor Plains.

Nullarbor is Latin for "no trees." The Nullarbor Plains are a region in southern Australia that is home to many of Australia's favorite animals and is filled with rugged caves and cliffs that you can drive through.

Driving Through The Outback

a photo of a sign on the eyre highway in australia

a photo of highway 66 in the american desert

The Eyre Highway cuts straight through the Outback—1,041 miles (1,675 km) of it. From Port Augusta in South Australia to Norseman in Western Australia, the Eyre Highway is similar to the United States’ Route 66.

It passes through many natural and historical sites in the Nullarbor Plains. Driving on the Eyre Highway is more about the journey than the destination, as traveling on the highway is more of an adventure-packed journey through outback Australia than a drive to the next city.

Why Was the Longest Golf Course in the World Built Here?

Well, there are two reasons, and of course, one of them is money. The Eyre Highway Operators Association (EHOA) is a community of businesses that are located along the expansive Eyre Highway. They decided to create a golf course to attract people from all across the world to their piece of Australia.

But why a golf course in the middle of nowhere? Okay. One, golf is a popular sport.

how many people play golf?

Two, who doesn’t want to play golf through a place filled with cliffs, caves, and... kangaroos?

The second reason Nullarbor Links was built was to give people a taste of the wild Australian Outback and to make the long drive on the Eyre Highway a little less boring.

And that’s why Nullarbor Links isn’t your regular, well-trimmed golf course. Many of the courses are barely courses and lack the typical luscious green fairways found on golf courses.

a photo of one of the holes on the nullarbor links