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How Britain Built An Empire | 2 Ways The British Navy Made Britain A Superpower

a portrait painting of Admiral Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson, the man who beat Napoleon on the seas, once said, "A fleet of British ships at war are the best negotiators." This quote shows how Britain viewed its navy’s place in the world and how the navy was used to fuel the Industrial Revolution, and also an empire. The British Navy influenced the Industrial Revolution because...

  • It successfully and securely brought in plenty of resources from across the world

  • It helped to colonize the world for Britain

1. The British Navy Imported Vast Resources...

a photo of the Kimberly Diamond Mine in South Africa
The Kimberly Diamond Mine in South Africa. It was mines like these that drove Britain to expand their colonies, and create more mines in South Africa

Britain was able to securely transport raw materials from across the world, not just for Britain, but for other countries as well. “Plantation colonies expanded the resource base of the metropolis and yielded raw materials and foodstuffs to be manufactured and consumed at home and to generate profitable re-export trades. They provided captive markets for home manufacturers, expanded the merchant marine and navy, and opened up overseas frontiers of enterprise and investment (Sheridan).”

Britain’s colonies expanded their pool of resources, which were shipped back home to be manufactured and traded back to the colonies for more resources. This built up Britain’s navy and shipping industries, which generated more profits for everyone involved.

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