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Who Created Anime? | Osamu Tezuka: The Father of Manga and Anime

No one man created manga or anime. But if there's one man who had the biggest impact on the creation of manga and anime, it would be Osamu Tezuka. Thanks to him, manga and anime are beloved worldwide, but he actually wanted to be a doctor.

After World War II, in the post-war era, one man appeared and changed the manga and anime industries forever. Later on, he would go on to be remembered as the "father of manga and anime," but in the 1950s he was just Osamu Tezuka.

osamu tezuka working at his desk

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Why Osamu Tezuka Began To Create Anime

Osamu Tezuka was born in 1928, and as a child, he was a creative, imaginative boy who loved insects. He grew up around Disney cartoons and early forms of Japanese manga, which would influence him for the rest of his life. It was only five years before he was born, a giant earthquake that ruined Tokyo had a huge impact on anime…

However, he was shipped off to war. And while he was fighting in the war, he realized the importance of human life. So when he returned, he wanted to become a doctor to save other people’s lives.

shintaka rajima, osamu tezuka's new treasure island manga

And he did become a doctor, but eventually, his passion for creating art caught up with him, and he chose to create manga. And in 1947, he published "New Treasure Island," which kicked off the manga revolution.

In the 1950s, his creative talent led to his collaboration with the new Toei Animation to create Son Goku the Monkey King. However, after a dispute, Tezuka left to create his own anime studio, Mushi Production. When he left Toei, some of Japan’s best animators went with him, like Japan’s first female animator and future director of Princess Knight, Kazuko Nakamura.

Osamu Tezuka's Influence on Manga and Anime

Osamu Tezuka Creates Astro Boy

The 1960s was a big time for Japan. The American occupation had brought about a new Japan, and after they left, Japan capitalized on technological innovation to become a leading force in technology. Also during the 1960s, Tezuka created Japan’s first animated TV show and arguably his most famous creation: Astro Boy.

osamu tezuka's astro boy

Tezuka’s style shown in Astro Boy influenced the manga and anime industries forever. A lot of what makes anime’s style look so unique comes from Tezuka himself. That’s what made Astro Boy unique, and that's what made Osamu Tezuka the "father of manga and anime."

Astro Boy would go on to become really popular in Japan and throughout the world. The robot boy with superpowers became beloved in America and paved the way for future anime TV shows both in Japan and worldwide. Tezuka would even go on to create another anime, "Kimba the White Lion," which some say Disney based "The Lion King" on.

Despite Astro Boy’s success, Mushi Production would file bankruptcy by 1973, but Tezuka had already moved on to found another studio, Tezuka Productions. However, Mushi Production resumed operations in 1977 and continues to operate to this day.

Anime Continues To Grow

The 1980s was a time of huge economic growth for Japan. The 1980s also saw the further international growth of anime and the development of manga. And the '80s also brought new anime studios. The most famous of these was started when Isao Takahata and his friend Hayao Miyazaki left Toei Animations to start Studio Ghibli. Dragon Ball also came out around this time.

dragon ball z anime

However, the biggest thing that impacted anime in the 80s was the arrival of VHS tapes. With VHS, people could watch their favorite animes again and again. The ability to playback led to anime fans being able to share their favorite animes with each other, which led to the rise of the "otaku" (die-hard anime fans). The rise of the VHS also led to the development of hentai (adult anime).

old osamu tezuka

Unfortunately, the father of manga and anime would not live to see the new decade of anime. Osamu Tezuka died of stomach cancer in 1989.

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Who Created Anime?

So who created anime? While no one man created the iconic art form, Osamu Tezuka is considered the father of manga and anime because of how influential he was and how he was able to spread manga and anime outside of Japan. Thanks to him, millions around the world are now fans of countless mangas and animes.

Who Was Osamu Tezuka?

Osamu Tezuka was a manga artist who would be so influential in the development and spread of manga and anime worldwide, that he is known today as the father of manga and anime. He created many iconic and game-changing mangas and animes such as Astro Boy, the anime that defined the iconic anime style and spread anime to other countries outside of Japan. You can read more about him in the rest of this story post by Our Mammoth World...

What Did Osamu Tezuka Create?

Osamu Tezuka was a manga and anime artist during the early days of the art and was so influential that he is known today as the father of manga and anime. One of his most famous and influential creations was Astro Boy, the anime that established the iconic style of anime today and was the anime that successfully attracted audiences for anime around the world. If it weren't for Osamu Tezuka, anime wouldn't be as popular as it is today. You can read more about him in the rest of this story post...



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